Five years of  flying high
We are curious to take challenges. We are creative, innovative and strategic.
Five years of  flying high
We recruit all visa qualified candidates with emphasis on US Citizens who has Security cleranaces. Very often we also hire Green Card holders, Canadians, Mexicans (TN Visa) and EADs.
Five years of  flying high
We use all the creativity of the universe to locate and acquire candidates, other than relying on conventional paid job boards. Instead we utilize an arsenal of advanced tools to find even passive candidates using the below methods.
  • Boolean: 
  • Our on target and accurate lengthy Boolean keywords will give perfect candidates.
  • LinkedIn: 
  • We are strategic users of LinkedIn and we know many loopholes which enable us to contact unlimited LinkedIn members.
  • Google Web search: 
  • Our specialized Boolean keywords for Google will give perfect resumes.
  • Open web and Free resume sites: 
  • We are experts in finding candidates from GitHub, Stack over flow, The Ladders, Indeed etc.
  • Browsing: 
  • We always search for innovative ways to get passive job seekers by going into appropriate blogs, networking sites, groups and discussion forums etc.

We are specialized in following technologies